A Hospital CEO Watches Washington Struggle Over Health Care


As a provider of both a health care and insurance, Northwell Health has a huge stake in what health care legislation Congress proposes. CEO Michael Dowling says it’s time for Democrats and health care professionals to come to the table.



House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sent a letter the other day to Republican leaders saying that she was ready to take up one portion of proposed GOP changes. So that leads to our other big question – what should change in the insurance markets? Michael Dowling is on the line. He’s the CEO of Northwell Health, which is New York’s largest health care provider and also provides insurance plans. Good morning, sir.

MICHAEL DOWLING: Good morning.

INSKEEP: So Nancy Pelosi has said she’s willing to talk about market stabilization, which Republicans also have wanted to talk about. What needs to be stabilized?

DOWLING: Well, one thing that has to be done is make sure that they don’t sabotage what currently exists at the moment, even though legislation did not pass the Senate. The administration has to be sure that it doesn’t try to undermine what currently exists.

INSKEEP: Oh, because you are – you’re – because many companies are dependent in one way or another on subsidies to keep the markets stable, and there has been talk of the administration not doing that in the way it’s been done.

DOWLING: Well, that would be – that would be an unbelievable thing for the administration to do. It would be, I think, pretty ridiculous if they tried to do something like this. So you’ve got to continue to fund the out-of-pocket costs for people that have high out-of-pocket costs.

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