She Saw a Gap in the App Store, So She Created Her Own Solution: Coach Companion


Erika Alessandrini was working out on her treadmill when a great idea came to her – a career-coaching app she could use to help her clients.

Alessandrini looked at her smartphone, and she was surprised to find there wasn’t an app that met her needs. So, like all resourceful entrepreneurs, she businesswoman decided to create one. The result is Coach Companion, a tool for anyone who has goals and wants some help meeting them.

As a certified professional coach, Alessandrini wanted something that was easy to use, quickly accessible and could act as a partner for her, her clients and anyone else interested in improving their lives, personal and professional. A smartphone app seemed like the best fit for her mission.

“There is benefit to any user who finds value in self-improvement,” Alessandrini said. “It is often said that if you aim at nothing, you’re bound to hit it.  When we care enough about something to measure our progress, there is a much higher likelihood that we will achieve our goals.”

Unlike other apps that focus on one type of goal, Alessandrini said this is the first single platform where people can easily remain accountable for multiple personal and professional goals at once. The app uses emoji-based performance ratings and short text entries to measure and track a user’s day-to-day progress. The user can also share their progress with a coach or designated “accountability partner” for added motivation to stay on-track.

Alessandrini, creator of Coach Companion and CEO of Strategies for Success, a coaching and consulting firm is based in Carleton, a village in Monroe County, Mich., so having an app to keep in touch with her clients near and far also was an inspiration for Coach Companion.

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