5 Productivity Practices to Help You Stress Less and Do More


Organization is something many people strive for but find hard to achieve. However, it’s a good goal to have: Being organized and efficient at work not only makes you a more valuable employee, but it can significantly reduce stress.

According to a study by leadership training company VitalSmarts, 83 percent of managers and 77 percent of employees are less stressed when they exhibit the productivity habits and traits of top performers. These include organization, time management skills, attention to detail, making to-do lists, keeping track of things and prioritizing tasks.

“A very small number of self-management practices literally change a person’s life and are also beneficial to the organization,” said David Maxfield, one of VitalSmarts’ researchers for this study. “They dramatically improve performance while also reducing stress.”

Here are five key practices that will help you be more productive in the workplace:

Keep track of all your commitments, tasks, ideas and projects by writing them down, rather than trying to juggle them all in your head. If you try to keep track of everything using only your memory, you’re likely to forget some items or at least add unnecessary stress to yourself. It’s much better to use a written list, an app or email to keep track of what you need to get done.

For every commitment you have, identify in advance what steps need to be taken to get it done. Be very clear about what the action is and who you will need to contact to accomplish it.

The two-minute rule is simple: If a task can be completed in two minutes or less, do it immediately rather than putting it off. The time you’ll spend letting these small tasks occupy your attention is not worth it when they can be knocked off immediately.

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