10 Technologies Entrepreneurs Say They Can’t Live Without


What technologies can’t you live without, and what tech do you need to be an entrepreneur? We talked to 10 entrepreneurs to find out what tools they rely on to run their businesses from day to day.

“It’s a much more efficient way to communicate within the organization than email. No complicated threads or long back-and-forths. Slack makes it quick and easy. It makes business communications as easy as personal communications. [It has] a lot of powerful community tools to help organize the discussions and ideas.” – Sydney Liu, co-founder and CEO of Commaful

“Our company couldn’t live without Google’s G Suite. The tools provided in the suite allow our team members to easily share documents with one another and work on projects together, even from halfway across the world. Google Hangouts allows us to manage face-to-face communications with one another, just as productively as if we were in the office together. We can even put together presentations in the G Suite and screen-share them during conference calls with our clients. We’ve managed without G Suite in the past, but we certainly will never make that mistake again.” – Matt Collins, financial educator and owner of Loans Now

“When you’re a freelancer, there’s always a bunch of moving parts. My favorite app to use for keeping track of my to-dos and client work is Trello. It’s like a digital whiteboard. I can easily reorganize things
and, most importantly, I can see a calendar of my due dates. Since I started using Trello, nothing gets lost or forgotten.” – Shauna Armitage, freelance writer, founder and chief marketing strategist of Making Moxie

“My team and I consult for a number of clients, and it’s important for us to track our hours accurately so that we bill clients appropriately. The Toggl app makes it easy to document our work and assign it to the pertinent project and client. As a leader, it’s also an easy way for me to check in to see how each person is spending their time.” – Antonella Pisani, CEO of Eyeful Media

“Boomerang is a plugin for Gmail, and it has been incredible for productivity. Boomerang allows you to set reminders on any or all outgoing or incoming email messages to make sure you are notified for anything that is not responded to within XX of days. There are a few other features, but this has helped us to ensure that important but not urgent issues get handled.” – Ray Higdon, CEO of the Higdon Group

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