Apple is about to close a deal with director Steven Spielberg to revive his Emmy award-winning series Amazing Stories for Apple TV. With it, Apple is entering a world in which Netflix has been a leader. But now, new competitors to Netflix are emerging at a surprising speed.

It was just 2013 when Netflix’s House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey was the breakthrough in streaming TV. It was the first online-only series to get nominated for major Emmys. But at this year’s Emmys, The Handmaid’s Tale, produced by Hulu, beat out House of Cards and became the first streaming TV series to win the Emmy for best drama.

A year earlier, Netflix barely had to think about Hulu. Now, it’s one of a growing list of competitors, says Mark Suster, who invests in video.

“You not only have Amazon, but you increasingly are gonna have Spotify, and you have Apple and you have Comcast,” he says. “There are so many people that will be moving into this space.”

This means a lot more content to watch for viewers and a lot more outlets for creators. But Netflix does have an edge since it was the first player in this market, says Sid Ganis. He’s a film and TV producer and the former head of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which gives out the Academy Awards.

“Because they had a start on everybody else they’re pretty much the Big Boppers today,” he says. “They’re still the ones that we think about first before we think about the others.”

Ganis is talking about producers, creators — everyone who makes entertainment. But he also says there’s frustration with how Netflix changed Hollywood’s business model. Before Netflix, if you created a show or a film you got paid more if more people watched it.

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