7 Clever Ways to Use Social Media to Find New Business Ideas


Social media is no longer just a way to kill time.

These platforms can help you find a job, market your products, connect you with valuable contacts – it can even spark business ideas.

Instead of aimlessly scrolling through your Facebook timeline and Twitter feed, here are seven clever ways to use social media to find new business ideas.

If you’re on the prowl for a new tech-related product or service idea, head over to news and entertainment social media site Reddit, and start surfing the subreddits, or subject areas. In particular, people looking for new business ideas should review subreddits and use the Ask Me Anything feature, where users can ask experts and celebrities questions that may uncover potential ideas for small or midsize businesses.

If your talents lie in identifying or creating the next great must-have product, get a Pinterest account. The image-based social media site provides a constant stream of new images to get you thinking creatively about new business ideas.

“Of all the social media sites, Pinterest is one of the best to see the next hot product trend,” said Gail Oliver, a small business consultant and blogger at Attention-Getting.com. Oliver said she’s seen many wedding, home decor and fashion trends take off because of Pinterest.

Pinterest users can monitor comments without alerting other users, to get a site-wide look at what people think of each pin. Oliver said the sometimes-overlooked comments section provides more inspiration for new ideas than some other social media sites.

“Comments are also visible to everyone, so you can see what people are saying,” Oliver said.

For another largely untapped social media source of idea-rich content, use your smartphone to cruise through one of the lesser-known mobile social networks, or visit a social shopping network. If apps aren’t your thing, try a visit to a couple of niche social sites for inspiration.

Read more: https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/6574-social-media-business-ideas.html


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