5 Lessons Small Businesses Can Learn about Social Media from Big Brands


    A great social media presence is essential for any business. Large corporations and big brands are keenly aware that 81 percent of consumersmake buying decisions based on the social media posts of family and friends, and 78 percent of people say that companies’ social media posts influence their purchases. If you are still in doubt about social media’s ability to make or devastate a business just consider the case of Snap Inc., which lost $1.3 billion in market valuedue to a single tweet from Kylie Jenner.

    While large brands have big marketing budgets, smaller businesses often have to make do with fewer resources. In fact, a whopping 49 percent of small businesses don’t have a formal social media marketing strategy in place, according to a Netsertive survey.

    The good news is that small businesses can adapt some of the social media strategies used by the big players to create their own impactful and shareable content. Here are a few lessons you can learn from some of the larger brands that are dominating the social media landscape.

    Popular camera manufacturer GoPro harnesses the power of user-generated content by asking consumers to submit shots and videos they create with the tiny wearable cameras. These videos are often widely shared online, show the product in action and make the user’s experience the focus of the brand’s social media content. In addition to becoming a viral sensation on YouTube, the videos are also shown on a GoPro channel on Virgin America Airlines and have a streaming option on Xbox, Roku and other smart TVs. GoPro incentivizes users to submit their best photos, raw clips and video edits by offering GoPro Awards to the favorites in each category, along with cash prizes.

    Like GoPro, you can find ways to create a user-generated content campaign that engages your audience and uses their input as content on your social media platform. This may include sharing customer reviews, reposting photos shared by fans, or creating some sort of video contest and posting the best entries.

    A manufacturer of upscale outdoor clothing and gear for silent sports (surfing, climbing, trail running, etc.), Patagonia is deeply committed to social responsibility and contributes to a number of grassroots environmental initiatives. It uses various social media platforms to showcase its commitment to the environment and build a community of people who share its values.

    By continuously linking back to its core beliefs in its social media content, Patagonia’s messaging and voice remain consistent and authentic, which further helps connect it to its central customer. Patagonia’s blog, The Cleanest Line, shares stories about the environment while its podcast, created in partnership with the Dirtbag Diaries, is dedicated to the outdoors.

    The company produces and supports films that tackle environmental issues, such as “Blue Heart,” a soon-to-be released documentary about the last wild rivers in Europe and the irreversible damage caused to them by hydropower dams. Patagonia’s efforts against disposable consumerism have also led it to establish Worn Wear, a website that sells used Patagonia gear, and it has recently launched Patagonia Action Works, a digital platform to connect costumers with local grassroots environmental organizations.

    Small businesses should stand in their truth and being unapologetically unique, especially on social media. Not everyone will share your passion for the same issues, but your target customer will be drawn to you for your honesty. Rather than focus on promoting sales, use your social media to create an engaging, authentic voice that your customers care about. If you’re committed to social responsibility, make it a central component of your online platform so your audience knows where you stand.

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