10 Businesses to Start in the Summer


    Whether you’re on break from school or just tired of sitting in an office, summer can be the perfect time to start a business. We’ve rounded up 10 business ideas that you can get up and running in the summer months, including house care, vacation rental coordinator, invitation designer and family driver.

    Summer is vacation season, but lots of people are hesitant to leave their houses empty for extended periods of time. You can solve that problem for them by offering vacation house care.

    The services you offer may vary depending on the home and could include:

    • Walking, feeding and grooming pets
    • Watering or pruning plants
    • Harvesting vegetables and flowers
    • Bringing in mail and newspapers
    • Supervising maintenance workers or contractors working on the house or yard
    • Staying overnight to keep an eye on things

    Whether you’re living in the home or stopping by once a day, offering a variety of services will help you appeal to the broadest possible range of clients. And if you offer extended house care, you can even live rent-free for several weeks or even months of the year.

    Earnings: $7 to $21 per hour, depending on your location and duties, plus housing.

    Even though most kids are out of school in the summer, parents may want them to keep up with their studies, prep for important tests or learn new skills to get ahead before the next school year. Plus learning can keep some kids out of trouble.

    If you are particularly skilled at a subject or have a related degree, you can offer tutoring in a specific field, such as writing, calculus or American history. For high school or college students, you can offer test prep tutoring to help them prepare for the SATs, GREs or LSATs. If you speak another language, you can teach basic grammar or offer conversational practice.

    Earnings: $10 to $50 per hour, depending on your location, subject expertise and level of education.

    Summer is a perfect time for both children and adults to learn a new skill. If you have a hobby — or a profession — that others might want to learn about, consider offering hourly instruction this summer.

    Lessons you can offer both children and adults:

    • How to play a musical instrument or sing
    • Swimming or diving practice
    • Sports lessons, such as tennis or golf
    • Painting, drawing or other artistic skills
    • Hobbies and crafts, including knitting, sewing or woodworking
    • Yoga, dance or other physical activities

    Earnings: $8 to $50 per hour, depending on your skill level

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