9 Online Programs to Boost Your Business Skills


    The internet is practically infinite. With that size comes the ability to learn just about anything, from how to change a tire to how trade tariffs will impact long-term economic growth. For business owners, there are endless resources to further business education. No matter what role you’re in now or what stage your business is in, there are several ways to learn new skills and business concepts for the future.

    A lot of these online resources are free, and you can learn at your own pace. This means you can focus your necessary attention on growing your business or improving in your current role while studying on the side. Regardless of what you want to learn, it’s easy to get access to university and college courses for no charge.

    Courses on Coursera are taught by leading experts and instructors from the world’s best universities. Business owners have access to video lectures, community discussion forums and auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments. There’s a wide-range of content, from free to paid online, university-recognized degrees. There are several tracks and hundreds of courses to choose from. Topics range from programs like Excel to business practices like financial accounting. Coursera offers both paid and free courses, depending on what you’re looking to learn.

    Business owners can enroll in various free online courses from top institutions around the globe with edX. You don’t have to apply for individual applications, courses are open 24/7 to join, and you can take courses on your own schedule. These courses are taught by university experts but are non-credit courses. You can get a verified certificate to prove you’ve mastered the class and concepts, however. Business courses range from critical thinking to data modeling. There are also courses in Spanish.

    Hello Fearless is an online school for female entrepreneurs. It provides courses and networking opportunities for women entrepreneurs looking to advance their careers. The website’s educational component, Boss School, has educated more than 175,000 entrepreneurs. It’s a 90-day course that provides real-world education, mentors for future growth and community support. There are limited spots, so you’ll have to apply and tell Hello Fearless a bit about your business. If you’re looking for more online-based learning, there are inspirational articles plus other content on Hello Fearless’s website about entrepreneurship.

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