Apple macOS 10.14 Mojave: Best Business Features


    A brand new operating system is on the way for the Mac – macOS 10.14 Mojave – and it has a boat load of new business-friendly features: A new dark mode, improvements to the Finder, and the ability to use a connected iPhone as a camera for your Mac.

    Favorite iOS apps such as News, Stocks, Voice Memos and Home, will debut on the Mac for the first time. FaceTime now adds support for group calling, and the Mac App Store gets an overhaul complete with editorial content and apps from developers like Microsoft and Adobe.

    Little things sometimes spell the difference between ease of use and frustration. For instance, Apple’s new OS will provide an emoji button in Mail so you don’t have to go hunting for your favorite cat face. It lets you view favicons in Safari tabs so you can visually identify which site is which. It puts Siri in control of HomeKit devices to adjust lights and thermostat in your home or office. It helps you find saved passwords. And it adds a bunch more language options.

    Here are the most business friendly features you have to look forward to in Mohave.

    If you’ve been pining for a darker Mac screen interface, macOS Mojave delivers a new Dark Mode, which flips the switch on the entire interface for Mac apps like Mail, Messages, Maps, Calendar and Photos, and is open to third-party apps. Dark Mode will especially appeal to artists, photographers, designers, videographers and night birds seeking less on-screen glare at 2 a.m.

    You can easily switch between the dark and light modes whenever you feel like. Alongside Dark Mode, a very cool Dynamic Desktop feature alters the desktop picture according to the time of day as the interface transitions to dark mode in the evening.

    Quick Look is an all-time favorite time saving feature, which lets you peer into a document without having to launch an app or open a file – just by pressing the space bar. With Mojave, it gets a lot more powerful by being able to execute Quick Actions to mark up or edit files — say, drag a signature into a document, rotate a photo, trim a video, or perform other actions native to the file’s format. A new side bar displays specific details like EXIF information for photos and file information for other types of documents.

    There are few things more discouraging than switching on your computer in the morning and confronting a desktop full of unsorted icons. Mojave’s new Stacks feature can help by automatically grouping together files based on document type – images, PDFs, spreadsheets, photos and movies. You can also arrange them by date created, added, modified or last opened, or by tags to better organize your projects.

    Stacks behave just like their Dock counterpart: When you click on a stack, you see an expanded view of all its contents. When you let go the mouse, files converge back into the stack. You can also scrub through the stack with the mouse to see which files are there, and choose the one you need.

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