How and Why to Set Up a Virtual Machine for Your Business


Have you ever needed to run an application on your computer, but it can only run on a different operating system (OS), or it requires a different hardware setup?  Thanks to virtual machines, you don’t have to buy a separate computer to run a different OS.

A virtual machine emulates a different OS environment along with the dedicated hardware, all as software running on your computer. With virtual machines, it’s possible run Apple’s macOS on your Windows PC, and vice-versa. Usually, the simulated OS runs as a windowed program on your desktop.

These tools work by dedicating your computer’s resources to replicating the requirements needed to run the new environment, so if you’re locally running a virtual machine, it can’t be as fast or faster than the computer on which it’s running.

Virtual machines have many uses, but are especially a software developer’s best friend. Virtual machines give you the opportunity to test out software in different OSs and hardware environments. Developers and QA staff can monitor how a system reacts to code and software without risking damage to the actual computer. Virtual machines make it easy to create a snapshot of a computer’s state, so if something crashes the virtual OS, it’s easy to reset it and bring it back to the state it was in previously.

This characteristic makes virtual machines great backup options and easy installation of programs on new hardware. Certain programs allow you to clone a machine and its setup to boot as a virtual machine on another computer.

Another common use for virtual machines that can be useful to anybody is the ability to run a different OS on incompatible hardware. If you have a PC, but wish to use some of the exclusive applications that only run on Mac computers, a virtual machine can allow you to replicate the hardware conditions of an Apple computer. Curious about Linux? You can try it out easily with a virtual environment. Not sure about the latest Windows? Try it before you buy it. If there’s a piece of software you need, but is no longer compatible with the latest OSes, you can run an older version in a virtual machine.

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