How GDPR is Affecting Email Marketing


    The European Union’s General Data Protection Requirement, or GDPR, has been a hot topic since its enforcement date took effect in May 2018. Companies have faced multiple dilemmas: Is their business one that needs to comply with the GDPR privacy law? If so, what is the best way to comply? And how does a business comply without losing valuable customers?

    GDPR-compliant businesses of all sizes likely have had much work to do to ensure a smooth transition, and this has impacted how many companies do business in Europe. There’s no avoiding the effects this requirement has on marketing efforts – especially email marketing and mailing lists.

    “All marketing activities are likely to be affected by the GDPR in one way or another – that much is obvious,” said Oksana Chyketa, marketing specialist at Albacross. “That said, we see GDPR having an exceptionally large impact when it comes to email marketing.”

    Email marketing is a common advertising tactic that has been easily implemented in the past. But after GDPR, it’s another area of business that requires careful consideration.

    For instance, companies need to ensure their contacts gave them consent before continuing to send emails to them. This calls for a stricter subscription process, which should involve double opt-ins and easy opt-outs, and exclude involuntary or required opt-ins.

    Double opt-ins confirm that users are interested in receiving emails, weeding out any fraudulent or accidental requests (e.g., failure to uncheck an automatically checked subscription box.) If a consumer provides their email for a subscription, they will have to go into their email and agree to it for a second time.

    This requirement acts as a safety net for any business sending marketing-related emails. Anyone subscribing to your emails should be able to do so freely and not feel bribed to do so for a particular product or service. They should also be able to unsubscribe from your email list at any time, and with no repercussions.

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