6 Tips for Creating Your Business’s Disaster Plan


    Disasters happen. While they can’t always be avoided, they can be prepared for. So can other disasters, such as data loss or fire. In the case of any disaster, it’s important, as a business, to have a disaster recovery plan and/or business continuity plan in place for whatever is lost, whether it is data or physical property.

    While there are differences between the two, some companies merge them together into one team.

    “A business continuity plan (BCP) is a defined, documented strategy designed to help business owners and their employees prepare for any event that may disrupt business operations, including natural disasters, single-building fires or floods, supplier outages and more,” said Mick Whittemore, vice president of IT enterprise operations at Paychex.

    On the other hand, a disaster recovery plan (DRP) describes how to resume business operations quickly and is typically applied to details-level planning of an organization’s IT infrastructure and applications. The plan should enable IT to recover enough data and system functionality to operate the business, according to Whittemore.

    Very simply, if a business wants to continue operating as usual after a disaster, it needs a BCP and a DRP.

    “With the proper planning, the loss can be a bit less devastating, and in some cases, you could even prevent certain damaging situations from happening. A disaster restoration and business continuity plan can significantly reduce the effects of a loss,” Jay Shelton, senior vice president of executive risk at Assurance told Business News Daily.

    There are many factors that need to be considered for either plan. Shelton breaks it down:

    Establish a planning team. This team of employees or volunteers is responsible for the development of the emergency maintenance plan.

    Set goals. Identify goals for what your plan is going to accomplish and establish answers to questions like, “Where do we relocate?” and “Whom should I partner with?”

    Analyze capabilities and hazards. Gather information about current capabilities and possible hazards and emergencies.

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