How to Use the Google URL Inspection Tool for Your Website


    When your business depends on your website to bring in revenue, there is nothing more frustrating than learning that certain pages or your entire site aren’t showing up in Google’s search results. There’s an easy way to find out if web users can find your website on the search engine.

    Google recently released a URL inspection tool as part of its Search Console, allowing anyone to use it to gain new insights on how Google views your website. Making sure your website is indexable is an important part of SEO, and this tool can help webmasters troubleshoot their website and specific pages to make sure they can appear in Google’s search results. There are a number of issues that can prevent certain URLs from being indexed and showing up in search, so this tool can help you determine the problem so you can fix it.

    Google utilizes a program called “Googlebot” that crawls through the web to index URLs to be searchable. This engine crawls through your website to detect any errors and to make sure they meet Google’s guidelines for indexing. To have your website crawled, you can submit your sitemap through the console, prompting the Googlebot to analyze your site for indexing. The Search Console helps you optimize your URLs to make sure they’re correctly indexed.

    To use the Search Console and URL inspection tool, sign in with your Google account. To start using the tools, you’ll need to verify that you have authority to access the website. This is commonly done by uploading an HTML verification file from Google onto your website, then visiting the resulting URL. There are a few alternative methods to verify, including adding an HTML meta tag or signing in with your domain registrar.

    Once you’re verified, you’ll have access to the Search Console’s features including generating insight reports, checking your backlinks and the URL inspection tool.

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