15 Odd and Unusual Things That Can Be 3D Printed


    Amazing 3D prints

    With 3D printing becoming a relatively well-known commodity over the past few years, many of the items produced via 3D printers aren’t as surprising as they were a decade ago. While consumers are more familiar with 3D printing, the powerful machines still create weird and unusual objects due to their remarkable ability to create custom items.

    From body parts to engagement rings, 3D printers create an extraordinary array of objects that might surprise the average person. We highlighted 15 creative, weird and useful 3D printed creations.


    Filemon Schoffer, chief marketing officer at 3DHubs, keeps a book of all the interesting and unusual things he’s seen 3D printed at his location over the past year. The items range from practical to unnecessary to potentially life-saving.

    A doctor once used 3DHubs to create models of babies to perform simulation operations on, as he had previously used toy dolls.

    “Using a whole set of different materials, he could print functional different organs like hearts and lungs,” Schoffer said. “Then he could exercise procedures on those models … instead of using dolls from the toy store, he now had fully-functional models to test upon.”

    Body parts

    Much like the replicas of babies, 3D-printed body parts play a role in medicine today. Doctors from the University of California at Los Angeles and the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Regenerative Medicine recently made strides to 3D print human ears using the stem cells of patients.

    While the use of 3D printing to create body parts has merit, controversy around the use of stem cells has slowed progress in recent years, according to the article. The 3D printing of body parts may have more value as generations become more familiar and accustomed to medical applications of 3D printers.

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