9 Business Ideas for Fashion Fanatics


    We’ve come a long way from the days when the only coveted jobs in fashion were designer, photographer or model. People wanting to work in the industry today have a plethora of career options tailor-made to fit their expertise.

    If the world of fashion excites you, then there is unique opportunity within, waiting for you to make it yours. Here are nine business opportunities for fashion fanatics that can help you make a name for yourself in the field.

    Running a fashion show isn’t easy. Fashion event producers work with designers and models, sometimes even coaching them.

    “You would help the designer with runway show casting and have an understanding of how clothes should be portrayed on the body and how the models should carry themselves,” said Kerry Bannigan, founder of Nolcha, a New York-based fashion event production company.

    While startup costs are minimal – you won’t need employees or even an office – you will need to do some heavy self-promotion. Relationships and referrals are key for this type of work, Bannigan said. Business cards, a user-friendly website showing an online portfolio and a printed portfoilio are a must. Networking through industry websites is also essential, she said.

    Before you embark on this career, you should understand fashion shows, work with creative people and be flexible enough to deal with diverse personalities, Bannigan said. Income potential is based on the number of clients you have and how big they are.

    Fashion is an industry built on creativity, and protecting the work that is produced is extremely important. Attorneys who represent business owners on copyright and trademark matters are key players in the field.

    “I previously owned a women’s boutique before opening up my own law practice,” said Andrea Sager, founder of Andrea Sager Law PLLC. “I have been able to remain in the industry by representing owners and designers on their copyright and trademark matters. I’ve been able to exclusively serve the fashion industry ever since I opened my own practice.”

    A legal background is clearly necessary for this type of fashion career, but so is the desire to “help small business owners by giving them the representation they deserve.”

    This business is ideal for someone with a corporate background who wants to make a move into fashion. A fashion business coach guides design firms in running their business, from growth plans to everyday tasks such as invoice collection and bookkeeping. It can involve coaching the creative designer on how to perform and interact in different business settings, Bannigan said.

    Startup costs for a fashion coaching business are minimal, but earning potential is significant, said Bannigan: “Research consultancy services with established businesses can make six-figure salaries with constant clientele.”

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