Big City, Small Business: 8 Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs


Big cities are alive with big ideas, and some of those big ideas can be about starting a small business. Small towns, while being a great environment for small businesses, might not have the clientele entrepreneurs need to build a thriving, successful business. Here are eight small businesses anyone can start in a big city.

Living in a big city where tourists flock to every day creates the perfect opening for your own business. Visit the local restaurants, shops, farmer’s markets, etc., and write about them. Think of it as a resource that can be used for those who visit, those new to the area or the forever locals looking for something new to do. Make money through advertising or working with local businesses as an affiliate marketer.

Do you ever scroll through Instagram and see all the amazing fashion shots or food photos and wonder how people get them? A lot of times, Instagram influencers hire photographers to do photo shoots of their outfits, cooking or a day in the life of the influencer. If you fancy yourself a photographer and want to break into that business, starting this business in a big city is your best chance.

Starting a food truck can be a little more daunting than the other business ideas on this list because of the different licenses and permits required. Once your truck is up and running, you can sell at places like festivals, farmer’s markets or outside of local bars after they close to feed hungry customers.

Event planning is something people are willing to pay good money for. When someone hosts an event, they really just want to enjoy the party with the rest of their guests and not spend time in the kitchen preparing food or fiddling with arrangements. This is where the event planner comes in. With a team of a few, you can plan the menu, decorations, drinks and flow of the party. Advertising on social media with pictures of past events will certainly help your business grow.

If you’ve got the space in your home or apartment and have the crafty skill others want, why not teach it? In-home craft classes are a new trend in the art world, as they offer a more personal experience. It can also be more cost-effective, because you won’t have to rent an extra space just for teaching.

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