Visibility tracking to help control carrier costs, benefit e-commerce shippers


Supply chain visibility has become an increasingly important technology as carriers look to control costs, improve efficiency and address consumer demands that have risen along with e-commerce sales.

Visibility between businesses refers to tracking order placement, allocation and manufacturing, warehousing and delivery and payment, according to transportation software company 3Gtms. “Visibility in a (business to business) environment means systematically interpreting and combining inter-enterprise data from many sources and artificial intelligence and workflow to react. It’s assessing the past, monitoring and reacting in the present and adjusting for the future.”

An option to achieve visibility in the supply chain is using a transportation management system, which can be used to integrate data and translate and share information from shippers, carriers, mobile applications, financial systems and emails. The system offers a single point for visibility in data flow and tools to act on the data.

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