Jonesboro mayor talks tough about crime during his state of the city address


Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin vowed a strong crackdown on crime in Northeast Arkansas’ largest city during his state of the city address Thursday. Two homicides in the city early in the year led to the formation of a crime fighting task force that includes the city, Craighead County, the 2nd Judicial District and other partners.

Perrin noted during his speech that Jonesboro’s crime dropped during the last 10 years at the second highest rate among all cities in the state during that time frame. The Jonesboro Police Department responded to 74,271 calls in 2018, and made more than 2,500 arrests through its Street Crime Unit. Those arrested netted about $1.1 million in drugs, he said. Perrin said he sees how the police work because he rides with on-duty patrol officers every Friday.

“Do we have a crime problem? Sure,” Perrin said. “ … cities across the country have a crime problem. … We a fixing to crack down extremely hard.”

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