Study shows that parts of rural Arkansas still haven’t recovered to pre-Great Recession economic output levels


The state and national economies have grown significantly since the Great Recession raged more than a decade ago, but a new study released by the University of Arkansas indicates that rural sections of the state have shown far less economic growth and in some places there is less economic activity now than before the financial crisis.

The “Rural Profile of Arkansas” has been published every two years by the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture since 1993. The 2019 Rural Profile was compiled by Wayne Miller, professor and extension community and economic development specialist for the Division of Agriculture and extension program associate Tyler Knapp.

Each county in the state is classified as rural or urban, and those rural counties are then divided into one of three geographic zones – Delta, Coastal Plains and Highlands. In Northeast Arkansas, Craighead and Crittenden are the only two counties classified as urban, while most other counties in the region are classified as in the Delta.

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