Draw yourself a leader


Before you read any more of this column, grab a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Now draw a leader. Don’t think too hard or worry about getting it “right.” Don’t fret about your artistic ability. Just sketch out what comes to mind.

Once you are done, take a good look at your work. Did you draw yourself? A lone figure? A group? Did you even draw a figure at all?

We’ll return to these drawings soon, but first, some background: This is an exercise that came to me after a conversation I had with the CEO of the Asia-Pacific region for a large global technology firm. I asked her the broad question of how she thinks of leadership. She came back with a drawing.

The CEO told me that she always draws herself at the center of a network of nodes rather than at the top of a hierarchy. It’s a depiction that represents her role as a connector and allocator of resources and talent, she said. Her work doesn’t involve a lot of top-down orders. Instead, when she leads, she strives to create the conditions in which innovation and robust customer relationships thrive. That requires being inside the hub of activity, not above it.

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