The Apple Card is a rewards-based credit card that gives consumers cash back on various categories of purchases. Because Apple is pushing the card as part of its ecosystem, users reap more rewards when they buy Apple products and use Apple Pay on their iPhones to pay for purchases. But you still get a 1% reward if you purchase anything else – even from vendors that do not accept Apple Pay – with the new titanium credit card, an unsurprisingly sleek and stylish item with your name etched into the surface but devoid of information like your credit card or CVV number, expiration date or signature.

Observers note some respectable and unique, if not revolutionary, touches to the Apple Card, such as machine learning and geolocation tracking of your spending. 

In a helpful move for consumers, Apple has dispensed with late fees, annual fees, cash-advance fees, international fees, over-limit fees, financing fees and many more pesky fee structures that other cards charge. It shows you exactly what and where you spent your money and automatically breaks down your spending into color-coded categories and awards you cash back on a daily basis to spend immediately.

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