The Best Text Message Marketing Services 2019


Text message marketing companies offer small businesses another marketing channel to reach customers. While text message marketing might not immediately jump to mind when small businesses think of ways to reach customers, there’s certainly value in reaching customers on their phones through SMS marketing.

According to Pew Research Center, 92% of adult Americans have a cellphone capable of receiving text messages. Chances are, your customers use cellphones. With the amount of content available on smartphones today, people spend hours per day using their mobile devices. Nielsen research shows that the average U.S. adult spends nearly four hours using their smartphone, computer or tablet. As time spent on phones continues to increase, it’s no surprise that businesses are looking to implement an occasional text message campaign.

While the sheer increase in people using phones is a positive for the text message marketing industry, it brings its own challenges. As people spend more and more time viewing content, they also become selective about what they’re using. Mobile phone users are inundated with feeds, popups and various notifications. Texting a customer about your business may either get lost in a person’s notifications, or it may turn them off to your business if the text is unsolicited or unrelated to their wants and needs.

That’s where text message marketing services become valuable. If you’re going to use a text message marketing service, you want to select the best solution for your business. There are dozens of quality solutions on the market, and a few stand out above the rest, especially for small businesses looking to please subscribers.

Key Features: Analytics, contact management, advanced tools like drip campaigns and a user-friendly dashboard.

EZ Texting stands out among its peers for a variety of reasons, including fair pricing and a fantastic selection of tools. The company offers eight different pricing plans, which makes it a company that can provide affordable services to businesses of all sizes. The pricing flexibility and variability is one of EZ Texting’s best perks. The cheapest plan starts at $0.05 per message and $25 per keyword, and the other plans offer monthly rates, with the most expensive plan costing $2,000 a month.

A user-friendly interface and an assortment of features also make EZ Texting our selection for the best overall text message marketing solution for businesses. It’s an intuitive user interface that won’t take long to learn, which is an important consideration when deciding on a text message marketing service.

Customization aspects are also a positive, as it’s easy to make your recipients feel special by easily sending them personalized messages. EZ Texting makes text message marketing feel more like a genuine interaction than other companies.

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