Windows 10 May 2019 Update Guide for Business


Windows 10 just got a makeover, and the new operating system from Microsoft is available for download now. Before you roll out this update to your staff or load it on your PC, check out our small business FAQ guide to the May 2019 Windows update.

There are several new features included in the May 2019 Windows update, but users aren’t likely to notice a difference between the older version and the current version unless you tell them. This is good news for IT pros and small business owners, as no additional training or communication will be necessary for employees.

This is a screenshot of Windows prior to the May 2019 update.

This is a screenshot of Windows, on the same machine, after the May 2019 update.

There are several new features in the latest version of Windows, here’s the gist on what they are and how to use them.

This feature is already common in apps like Evernote, but now it’s accessible via Windows 10 as well. Users can click the Windows icon + Shift + S and use their cursor to select a portion of the screen and automatically transfer it to the Clipboard. From there, users can mark it up and share it with other team members. Along the same lines, users will also be able to sync their Microsoft clipboard across all their devices.

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